Extra Curricular Activities

Our philosophy of Education is directed towards the development of global citizenship and is based on care of the individual.
The central core of our Awareness Programs is a holistic approach for the individual student and the knowledge and understanding of the benefits of exposing young people to a wide variety of experiences in a safe, structured, learning environment.
Our Awareness Programs have traditionally included Music, Art, Drama, Dance, Social Experience, Sport, Physical and Religious Education to extend and enrich the creative, cultural, environmental, social, physical and spiritual development of every student.


The co- curricular activities in school is specifically excellent as it present possibilities to students to work in collaboration, to exercising leadership and enhance the ability to take initiatives. Co- curricular activities in school supply wonderful opportunity to youngsters to determine their potentials and improve both academic and non- scholastic areas. In addition these activities ensure physical, mental, social, emotional, and aesthetic improvement of a youngster. Therefore, KC Public School presents scientifically established academic as well as co- curricular applications which give shape and nuture the young minds to meet the coming challenges of life

House system

The students are divided into four houses, Nilgiri, Udaygiri, Aravalli and Shivalik. Various interhouse competition are organized like debate, declamation, Quiz, dance, drama etc. This helps to develop confidence, leadership, qualities and improves their communication skills. We try to give opportunity to all the students to participate in the various competitions which are organized.

Cultural activities

The school celebrates all festivals and important days to foster the spirit of co- operation and unity among the students. Various activities are organized on Mother's day, Independence day, Janmashtami, Republic day, Christmas day etc. These events are'nt just a celebration but also develop planning, organization and team effort abilities in the students.

Inculcation of Moral Values

Moral values play a very important role in everyone's life. A strong emphasis on values and knowledge of our rich and varied culture blended with an entirely global approach to education ensures a holistic development of young minds. The school celebrates most festivals in the traditional way which develops an appreciation for diverse culture and inculcates moral values by imbibing the best of culture and religions. Students are encouraged to be honest, optimistic, truthful, helpful, hardworking and to work with full devotion and dedication.

Other Activities

The Art and Craft program offered at the school lets the child express his/her creativity in a beautiful manner. It has a cathartic effect on students enabling them to cope up with their frustrations also.
Students are trained in Pottery, Paper Machine, Sculpturing, painting and sketching. They are also trained in making replicas of beautiful landmarks and monuments, which gives them an understanding of architectural designs. The whole idea is to orient students towards other viable career options-Nurture not only Doctors , Engineers and Architect but also Artists, Dancers and Musicians. The school provides facilities for learning the various instruments in a well equipped music room.