How To Keep Your Child Safe While On The Internet?

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Since children are increasingly targeted over the internet via cyber attacks, as a parent you often get worried about them being online or using the internet for too long. Although today’s education is being served on technology-based devices, it doesn’t take much time for these devices to take a haunt over a child’s privacy and mental health.


These cyber-related events are raising fear among parents about their child’s online safety and privacy. Parents today must ensure that they are doing everything possible to teach their children about safe online practices and that the protection of their children’s devices is taken into account.

As the best CBSE school in Pandoga, we have some suggestions to help keep your child safe online:


  • Know who they are talking to- If your children are old enough to be able to communicate with people online, then make sure you must know them. It’s probably fine if they’re friends, family, or neighborhood kids, but strangers or someone pretending to be a friend to get close to your child might pose a serious threat to your children. In our classrooms also, we often guide the students with whom to talk online and whom not, but children use the internet at home, so you must keep a check on them.


  • Teach them the cyber basics- Being the top school of Pandoga, we often teach the students about the basics of a computer such as what a computer looks like when it is not working, basic electrical protection, and the importance of never giving out personal details online to anyone. But your duty as a parent should be to make them understand the security protocols and why they are important. Tell them that even safety measures fail most of the time and that they should not trust anything irregular or cheap.


  • Educate them about location privacy- Today most of the apps have in-built geo tagging features that make your location public and let anyone reach you. These features should be disabled for obvious reasons of privacy and security. So, it’s extremely crucial for you to educate your child about the pros and cons of enabling any feature online which can lead to serious issues in the future.


  • Be #SocialNetwork Savvy- As a parent you must know how to use social media or the basics of the internet, only then you can give the best advice to your children. You must know how to use the privacy settings and reporting tools on the social networks and applications that your children use. If your child is using a social media account, then he must know how to report or block someone, report any offensive post and make his information private.


  • Set a good example- Set a good example for your children by demonstrating the kind of constructive online behavior you want them to exhibit. They are more likely to follow in your footsteps if they see you being careful and respectful online. This also involves setting a screen time limit for yourself too. Moreover, as a parent, you don’t have to be too strict on your child which can lead to unwanted repercussions.


In the end, being the best school in Pandoga, we follow all the necessary precautions to make the students aware of internet- crimes and how to make the best use of the internet for their education and entertainment. But as a parent, you have to instill in them the skills and knowledge of how to make the best use of the internet for their advantage.